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Monday, August 31
IRS Scandal: When Is Lerner Going to Prison? - Orange County Register
Ohio's Nonsensical Attack on Abortion Rights - Los Angeles Times
Big Solar's Subsidy Bubble - Wall Street Journal
Police Officers Die, Too - USA Today
Tuesday, September 1
The Off-Grid Administration - Wall Street Journal
Donald Trump's Unpresidential Campaign - USA Today
Insensitive Chant Mars Peaceful Protest - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Police Lives Matter Too - Investor's Business Daily
Wednesday, September 2
When Lives Don't Matter - Washington Times
Mr. Obama's Urgent Arctic Message - New York Times
The No-Growth Campaign - Wall Street Journal
The Return of the Iraqi Street - Al-Monitor
Thursday, September 3
Iran Devils Get Their Deal - New York Daily News
Hillary's Classified Falsehoods - Wall Street Journal
Kentucky Clerk Should Obey Law or Resign - Des Moines Register
Officer Down: Why Fox Lake Treasured G.I. Joe - Chicago Tribune
Friday, September 4
Judge's Decision Brilliant & Brave - Lexington Herald-Leader
My Old Kentucky Double Standard - Wall Street Journal
The Death of Aylan Kurdi - Los Angeles Times
It's Fun & Games 'til Someone Takes the Fifth - Washington Examiner
Saturday, September 5
The Minimum Wage: Getting to $15 - The New York Times
How Uber Is Reducing Inequality - The New York Post
The Campus Sex Crisis - The Chicago Tribune
Khamenei the Democrat - The Wall Street Journal
Sunday, September 6
Murder Making a Comeback - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Another Embarrassing Week for Hillary - New York Post
Rep. Honda Crosses the Line on Ethics - San Francisco Chronicle
Why China Is Testing Obama Now - New Hampshire Union Leader