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Wednesday, September 16
The Democratic Party in a Panic - Washington Times
House Republicans' Obamacare Lawsuit Should Be Tossed - LA Times
Federal Reserve Trapped by Zero - Wall Street Journal
The Threat of Jeremy Corbyn's Anti-American Agenda - Washington Post
Tuesday, September 15
Putin's Latest Laugh at Obama's Claim of 'Respect' - New York Post
CA Is Making It Easier to Vote. Why Aren't Others? - Washington Post
Hillary's For-Profit Education - Wall Street Journal
What's Riding on Uber's Lawsuit? - Chicago Tribune
Monday, September 14
Hillary Clinton, Clear as Mud - Boston Herald
Holding Women's Health Hostage to Politics - Boston Globe
Cooking the Books on ISIS Intelligence - New York Post
Britain's Labour Party Chooses Death With Honor - Bloomberg
Sunday, September 13
Iran Deal Maintains U.S. Leadership - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Why Democrats Didn't Want to Vote on the Iran Deal - New York Post
Perry's Politics Didn't Match the Moment - Dallas Morning News
Mayor's Decision to Step Aside Painful But Correct - Baltimore Sun
Saturday, September 12
California's Climate Change Revolt - Wall Street Journal
Bush's Tax Plan Doesn't Quite Add Up - Washington Post
Obamacare Enrollment Drops as Rate Hikes Loom - Investor's Biz Daily
Russia's Risky Military Moves in Syria - New York Times
Friday, September 11
ISIS Haunts 9/11 Anniversary - USA Today
Will We Always Remember 9/11? - New York Times
Iran No Confidence Vote - Wall Street Journal
Spy Report Book-Cooking Howls For Reform - Investor's Business Daily
Thursday, September 10
The Bush Growth Plan - Wall Street Journal
A Senseless Delay on the Iran Deal - New York Times
On Iran, Obama Won the Fight But Lost the Argument - DC Examiner
Clinton's Campaign Needs a Shot in the Arm - The Guardian
Wednesday, September 9
Look Who's Bashing Obama's Economy Now - Investor's Business Daily
Raise the Interest Rate - USA Today
Putin Moves in Syria, Exploiting America's Inaction - Washington Post
Caring for the Other Refugees - The New York Times
Tuesday, September 8
Sharpening the Iran Nuclear Deal - Denver Post
Another Syria Failure - Wall Street Journal
What Religious Freedom Isn't - Miami Herald
Congress Should Authorize War Against ISIS - Washington Post
Monday, September 7
Ben Carson's Insurgency - Wall Street Journal
The Truth of Black Lives Matter - New York Times
War on Police Sparks National Crime Wave - Investor's Business Daily
China's Anti-Christian Crusade - Washington Post
Sunday, September 6
Murder Making a Comeback - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Another Embarrassing Week for Hillary - New York Post
Rep. Honda Crosses the Line on Ethics - San Francisco Chronicle
Why China Is Testing Obama Now - New Hampshire Union Leader

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